Charter Partners Institute prepares a next generation of leaders to innovate with an entrepreneurial mindset. Explore what we do, our results, and how you can benefit.

Help Students
Think Like

Hands-on programs such as eVenture, Wings, and partial day activities engage students and help them learn to initiate and innovate like creative entrepreneurs (think Steve Jobs). Students learn they really can find better solutions.

Bring Leadership and Problem Solving to Education

Today’s graduates need more than solid academics — leadership skills including inquiry, problem solving, and innovation are just as or more important. CPI is partnering with Lincoln Leadership Academy Charter School to evaluate hands-on collaborative projects to teach leadership for all students. High school students learn they can change the world in their own way.


21st Century Model
for Education

Most educators know that new demands in today’s world require them to change. They just don’t understand what to do well enough to make it happen. CPI and the Lehigh Valley community are leveraging our experience and other best practices to flesh out and demonstrate that elusive new paradigm for education and then facilitate its wide adoption.